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  • ACI Course 2: Buddhist Refuge

    Accurately taking refuge in the Buddha is said to be the one single act that makes any person a Buddhist. And so the next ACI course explores how we do this: ...read more
  • Great Ideas of the East, translated by Geshe Michael Roach and Ben Kramer

    by Choney Lama, Drake Shedrup (1675-1748) Every small group of people, on every small patch of land on this huge planet, has a different belief system. This system determines everything about how those particular people run their lives, down to how they cut their hair, and what clothes they wear. And by this belief system, people everywhere do their very best to be happy & prosperous. ...read more
  • A Door to Emptiness: The Crucial Teaching for Touching the Diamond World

    Translated by Adam Andrade with Geshe Michael Roach

    The promise of these ancient books, for more than two thousand years, is that there exists—in tandem with the world we know—an invisible higher world, going on around us all the time. We can call it the “Diamond World,” but a simpler (and easily misunderstood) name is simply “Emptiness.”

    ...read more
  • El Cortador de Diamantes

    El Cortador de Diamantes, el libro de Michael sobre cómo cualquiera puede utilizar los mismos principios para tener éxito en su vida empresarial y personal, se convirtió en un superventas internacional. Esta edición del 20 aniversario incluye más de 40 páginas de material nuevo para ayudarle a sembrar las semillas mentales para lograr el mayor éxito en su vida. ...read more
  • ACI Course 4: The Proof of Future Lives

    Level One of Buddhist Logic and Perception (Pramana) This Course is based upon the Compendium on Valid Perception (Pramana Samuchaya) by Master Dignaga (440 AD), the Commentary on Valid Perception (Pramana Varttika) by Master Dharmakirti (630 AD), Light on the Path to Freedom (Tarlam Selje) by Gyaltsab Je (1362-1432), and Jewel of the True Thought (Tsema Gong-gyen) by Geshe Yeshe Wangchuk (1928-present). Topics include: the definition of valid perception, the three levels of perception, who has valid perceptions and how, evaluating things beyond our direct perception, how great compassion is developed, the nature of omniscience, the material cause of the mind, proofs of the mind's source, proofs for the existence of past and future lives, and how desire leads to rebirth - an explanation of crucial links in the chain of dependent origination. ...read more