Picture of Katrin: Girls Do Do That

Katrin: Girls Do Do That

From the author of How Yoga Works, a delightful adventure tale of yoga and the ancient wisdom behind it. Friday is a young girl who lives in a tiny nomad village high in the Himalayan plains, a thousand years before our time. Yoga is just starting to reach Tibet from India, and is strictly forbidden for women. In fact, so are books—and learning to read or to write.Friday’s uncle Jampa is a quiet, wise Buddhist monk who gives classes to young monks who walk from the local monastery to his beautiful yurt, secluded within the mountains. Why does he live so alone? Why doesn’t he stay with the other monks? Uncle has a secret.Friday grows up watching Uncle teach her dear brother Tenzing the deepest knowledge of the ancient books, as he trains to become a Geshe, or Master. She secretly watches the Wisdom Warriors of the monastery at night, as they tear apart beautiful ideas, leaping in the wild dance of a debater monk.


Picture of Katrin: Girls Do Do That