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  • How Yoga Works: Healing Yourself and Others with the Yoga Sutra

    The Yoga Sutra is the great motherbook of all the yoga works ever written; it was composed by the Indian master Patanjali some 2,000 years ago. The Sanskrit text is written in 210 briefs, cryptic verses whose meaning has long ago sunk into darkness; the many, confusing modern attempts to explain them bear little resemblance to each other, which is just a sign of how difficult this priceless little book can be.

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  • Sunlight on the Path to Freedom: A Commentary to The Diamond Cutter Sutra

    A Commentary to The Diamond Cutter Sutra by Choney Lama, Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748) • Translated by Geshe Michael Roach with Elizabeth van der Pas.

    The Diamond Cutter Sutra is one of the most famous Buddhist books of all time; it was taught by the Buddha 25 centuries ago, and then spread throughout India, China, Tibet, Japan, and many other countries.

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  • The Golden Key: Difficult Questions in the Mind Only School of Buddhism. Part One.

    The Golden Key unlocks the knowledge hidden inside the Mind Only school of Buddhism. It is a refreshing and deep dive into the world of Asian philosophy. This first-time translation of an Eastern classic is sure to find its way among history’s great works. Understanding this text and the philosophy it explains, literally has the ability to grant great wisdom to the reader. That may not all happen on the first pass.

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  • The Two Sutras of the Medicine Buddha

    In the year of 2020, a pandemic exploded in our world and made its way across all our countries, killing millions of people. Members of our team—particularly Dr Eric Wu—had already been working with ancient manuscripts and practices of an Enlightened Being known as Medicine Buddha. ...read more
  • All the Kinds of Karma: The correlations between our actions & their consequences according to the Buddha

    “All the Kinds of Karma.” A young man named Shuka runs into the Buddha in a garden near the ancient Indian city of Shravasti, and the Buddha agrees to share with him how to identify all the seeds we need to plant—in the months and years to come—a wonderful life.

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  • China Love You: The Death of Global Competition

    Competition is built into the American way of life. But is it the best way to live? When we perceive the world as a football game—as a competition to beat others so we can be the best and biggest—is there a human cost that all of us pay? If the two largest superpowers in the world have a trade war, does anybody truly win?

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