Sunlight on the Path to Freedom: A Commentary to The Diamond Cutter Sutra

A Commentary to The Diamond Cutter Sutra by Choney Lama, Drakpa Shedrup (1675-1748) • Translated by Geshe Michael Roach with Elizabeth van der Pas.

The Diamond Cutter Sutra is one of the most famous Buddhist books of all time; it was taught by the Buddha 25 centuries ago, and then spread throughout India, China, Tibet, Japan, and many other countries. The Chinese edition seen here is the oldest printed book in the world with a date inside. The sutra focuses on the concept of emptiness, which is a key to success and happiness in the modern world, if we get a good explanation of how to apply it at work and at home.

Profits from the sale of this book go to benefit the Diamond Cutter Classics translation program.



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